Discounts Are Here! Which Ones Do You Qualify For?

Most insurance companies offer some type of car and home insurance discounts for their customers—usually to reward desirable behavior or for remaining a loyal customer. Not all companies offer the same discounts, but it is likely that if you look, you will find one that you are eligible for. recently offered this list of the most common types of car insurance discounts.

  • Multi-policy discount for those with multiple policy types (usually auto and home) with one insurance company.
  • Muti-vehicle discount for those who insure more than one vehicle with an insurance company.
  • Anti-theft discount if your vehicle has an anti-theft device, such as an alarm system.
  • Anti-lock brakes discount if your vehicle has an anti-lock brake system.
  • Passive restraint discount if your vehicle has features such as air bags and automatic seat belts.
  • “Green” vehicle discount if you have a hybrid or alternative-fuel vehicle.
  • Safe driver discount if you have a clean driving record.
  • Defensive driver discount for those who take a defensive driving class.
  • Low mileage discount for those who drive fewer miles.
  • Military discount for active members of the armed forces.
  • Affinity or occupational discount for those who work in a certain field or for a certain company.
  • Full payment discount if you pay your premium in full at the beginning of the policy period.
  • Automatic/paperless billing discount if you pay your bill electronically.
  • Loyalty discount for those who stay with the same insurance company for a certain number of years.
  • Early signing discount if you commit to a new carrier before your old policy expires.
  • Good student discount for students who earn good grades.
  • Distant student discount for young drivers attending school away from home.

In addition, here are some common homeowners insurance discounts:

  • Multi-policy discount for those who carry more than one insurance policy with the same insurance company.
  • Home improvement discount for those who take steps to update old mechanicals and install up-to-date features.
  • Security discount for those with fire extinguishers, fire sprinklers, smoke detectors, deadbolt locks and security systems.
  • Senior citizen or retiree discount for homeowners over age 55 or who are retired.
  • Good credit discount for homeowners with good credit.
  • New purchase discount if you have just purchased your home.
  • Claims free discount if you have not filed a homeowners insurance claim for a certain number of years.
  • New home discount if your home is brand new or less than five years old.
  • Roof certification discount if your roof has a building certification (e.g., 50-year shingles).
  • No mortgage discount for those who no longer have a mortgage on their home.
  • Accredited builder discount if your home was recently built by a reputable builder.
  • Construction materials discount if your home was built with preferred building materials.

Not all insurance companies offer the same discounts, and the reduction in premium will not always be the same from one company to the next. Nonetheless, it is important to determine all of the discounts that you are eligible for so you can save as much as you can.

Remember to let us know if your situation changes and you are eligible for a discount that you may not have been in the past. Call us today to learn more!

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