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Keeping Your Home Safe While on Vacation

When you’re away on vacation, the world keeps turning. Usually, that isn’t a problem. When you return, things are where you left them for the most part. That said, it is always safer to take precautions before leaving. An empty house is a perfect target for thieves. If they can tell you and your family are gone, it might just make your home a target.

Keeping your guard up while away is important. Let us keep you covered if the unfortunate happens.

With a few, tips you can protect your home even while you’re away. A simple matter of planning beforehand makes a huge difference in assuring safety.

Hit the Lights

Turning on your porch light is second nature for most of us, so it’s important to plan on having your lights on when away. A darkened house in an otherwise brightly lit neighborhood will make it stick out like a sore thumb for any thief looking for an easy target.

Make sure to leave your lights on during your trip or secure them on a timer if possible. Keeping your lights on during appropriate hours will give the illusion of occupancy, making it less of a target for thieves.

Keep it Quiet

While it’s understandable to be excited about an upcoming trip, it’s best to keep your plans unknown on social media before leaving. Keep your plans to yourself and close family, and do your best not to advertise too loudly that you will be gone. Privacy filters are no guarantee and you never know who may be browsing your page looking for information. Avoid providing thieves with a window to burgle.

Common Sense

If you keep a spare key hidden outside your home, make sure to secure it. It’s best not to gamble with a thief doing some exploring and finding your key, no matter how well you think it’s hidden. Secondly, unplug your appliances to protect against power surges that can cause a fire.

Explore Your Options

Whatever happens while you’re away, the best way to give you the peace of mind you need is to just be prepared for the worst. At Shepard Walton King, we provide comprehensive homeowners insurance to keep you covered in case of a break-in. If you would like to learn more about what we offer, and to get a quote, contact us online or give us a call at 800.446.2471.

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