What You Should Know about Flood Insurance

Things seem to be pretty dry in our area, so floods are way out of the question, right? Not exactly. The truth is floods are the most common natural disaster to occur, not to mention they have the most costly financial impact on the nation. A flood can potentially destroy your home and all of its contents in a matter of minutes but know that protection against this natural disaster is available. Protecting your home with flood insurance is a must and here is some important information you should always keep in mind.

Not Mandatory but Always Recommended

Flood insurance is often required for homeowners in high-risk areas but this doesn’t mean other homeowners should immediately dismiss it. Natural events such as heavy rains, hurricanes and tropical storms highly increase the possibility of floods, which put many homeowners in our area at risk. Don’t leave anything to chance and seek the protection that only flood insurance can provide.

The Way to Fast Recovery

Contrary to popular belief, federal assistance is not always present after a flooding disaster. Less than half of the floods that happen will receive disaster assistance from the government and this assistance will often come in the form of low-interest loans that must be paid back with interest. With a flood insurance policy, you and your family can receive immediate help, giving you the opportunity to move on after such a catastrophic event.

It’s Affordable

You may be thinking flood insurance will make a huge dent in your pocket, but the average amount to pay for a premium is roughly $500 per year. Factors such as flood zones, home construction date, flood claim history, and property elevation will often determine what your flood insurance rate will be.

Your Belongings Can be Protected

Some people may decide to protect their homes but not its contents. Know that you have a choice. If you value your personal belongings and know that you’ll want help replacing them in the event of a flood, content protection is strongly advised.

Here to Protect

The effects of a flood can leave you and your family feeling hopeless, but you don’t have to let this happen. Contact our professional insurance group today and begin a life of thorough protection against floods.

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  1. Jenna Hunter

    I didn’t know that floods are the most common natural disaster to occur and that they have the most costly financial impact as well. My family and I just moved into a new house and are looking at different insurance policies. Now that I know this, I think that we should include flood insurance in our policy just in case.

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