Protect Your Toys to Ensure Maximum Enjoyment of the Road, Water and Trails

If you love the roar of an engine or the feel of wind whipping through your hair, you probably own a few motor sports toys. From motorcycles to boats, campers to RVs, motor sports vehicles provide the sense of excitement, freedom and independence many Texans love to enjoy year round.

While these vehicles are all about fun, they also come with a lot of responsibility. Knowing how to operate your motor sports toys properly is incredibly important, as is carrying the proper insurance to protect yourself and others from losses resulting from an accident.

Why should you insure your toys?

Many motor sports enthusiasts overlook the importance of insuring their toys, or purchase coverage that offers minimal protection. In reality, motor sports enthusiasts should carry coverage for their toys for many reasons, including:

• Replacement costs: Many motor sports vehicles, including motorcycles, boats, ATVs and campers, are very expensive. This makes replacing them difficult if they are ever totaled in an accident or stolen. Carrying the right coverage for your vehicle can be helpful to avoid out-of-pocket expenses associated with replacing your favorite toy.
• Repair expense: Much like their replacement costs, your toys can be very expensive to repair after an accident or other damage. Insurance policies often cover the damage resulting from accidents and vandalism, making it invaluable when it comes time to repair your bike, PWC or camper.
• Increased risk: The risks associated with motor sports toys are often much higher than those associated with your car. Motorcyclists are often overlooked on the roadway, while boaters and ATV riders are exposed to unique risks presented by the waves and terrain. This extra risk makes it important to carry protection for your toy, and yourself.
• Severity of injuries: Since the operator and passengers on motor sports vehicles enjoy decreased protection when on a motorcycle, ATV or boat, accidents can result in very serious injuries. Insuring yourself, and your passengers, against the costs of injuries is vital to avoid serious financial strain stemming from medical treatment.

Do you carry motorcycle insurance or coverage for your motor sports vehicles? Have you ever suffered a loss that was not covered, or occurred when you were without insurance? Share your experiences with your neighbors in Austin, McAllen and Harlingen by posting in the comments section below.

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