Safety Tips Halloween

Safety Tips for Halloween Night

Halloween night is fast approaching. Soon, your little vampires and witches will take to the streets on a quest for sugary treats. Halloween is filled with fun and laughter for people of all ages, but there are still measures to take to help keep your loved ones safe. Don’t let your child’s trick-or-treating adventure be marred by dangers such as a hit-and-run accident. Reduce the risk of a serious incident by following our set of tips for Halloween festivities.

Keep it Bright

Your child should be able to properly see their surroundings while remaining visible to any vehicles. To help avoid any trips or falls, have them carry a flashlight to light the way. To ensure vehicles and cyclists can easily spot them, line your child’s costume with reflective tape, but do so in a creative way that won’t impede on his/her unique look.

Formulate a Plan

Avoid being the parent who gets lost in an unfamiliar neighborhood. To keep this from happening, stick to neighborhoods you’re familiar with which provide a great deal of lighting. Sticking to this rule will significantly decrease your chances of becoming lost and dealing with an unfortunate accident.

Check Your Costume

Every child wants their costume to stand out above the rest, but remaining mobile in those excessive getups can become a bit difficult. Make sure your child’s mask, if he/she is wearing one, allows for good visibility. Additionally, properly fasten their shoes and keep any capes or dresses at the right length to avoid falls.

The Protection You Need

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