Six Signs That Your Insurer Doesn’t Have Your Back

Six Signs That Your Insurer Doesn’t Have Your Back

Your vehicle, home, and family’s health should be the most important factors in your life. They’re what keep you moving, provide the safety you need, and give you all the happiness you could ever ask for. They’re so important, so you’ll want to keep them safe at all times.

This is where your insurance company comes in. Yet, despite the cost you pay, some companies out there don’t take care of their clients like they should. If you have that suspicion, then Shepard Walton King wants to share some red flags that your insurer isn’t truly taking care of you.

A Watchful Eye

Unfortunately, there are many recorded situations where insurance companies failed to meet their standard of responsibility. You can keep an eye on some red flags:

  • No communication – Insurance companies are dutifully bound to get in touch with you when necessary. However, some can fail to do so or make it nearly impossible to be reached.
  • Changing your policy – Companies can sometimes entice you with great deals but quickly change their prices once you’ve signed that dotted line.
  • Denials and delays – Bad faith insurance companies regularly delay or deny claims with little-to-no justification.
  • Excuses galore – While there may be legitimate reasons why companies act the way they do, they can oftentimes provide endless excuses for failing to do their job.
  • Unfair investigations – Insurance companies are tasked with investigating your situations dutifully, but bad faith companies regularly fail to conduct proper investigations or use unlawful techniques to do so.
  • Irrational requirements – Documentation during claims is a must, but some companies often ask for irrelevant or unreasonable requirements to delay and prolong your process.

We’ll Look Out for You

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