Tips for Staying Safe When Spring Breakers Arrive

Who can believe it’s nearly spring break?! That means hundreds, if not thousands of carefree college kids venturing our way to enjoy everything that South Padre Island and the rest of south Texas has to offer. And THAT means it’s time for a quick review of ways insurance can step in to help protect your car and property this time of year.

But, I don’t have insurance. This is just a rental! The likelihood that your car will encounter the spring breakers may be small, but it could happen. Do you have the right car insurance in place should you “meet” another car with an uninsured or underinsured driver at the wheel? Review your auto insurance policy with us to make sure you’re covered.

Stop, thief! What if someone breaks into your car and makes off with your 8-tracks for their beach party? If you don’t have comprehensive car insurance, you may be responsible for repairs to the car and replacing all that vintage music.

Sweet beach house – let’s check it out! Many of Shepard Walton King’s clients own seasonal homes that may be unoccupied for lengths of time, including spring break. Have you taken necessary steps to protect your valuable property with home insurance and personal property schedules? Don’t forget about the potential for injuries to occur and your own liability for them, even if you’re not around. This means you should also carry umbrella insurance (not to be confused with umbrella drinks).

Spring break should be a time of fun and excitement for everyone. It’s important to make sure that everything is covered, in case things make a turn for the worse. The tips above should help give you peace of mind. But you don’t have to stop with these suggestions. What other steps can or do you take to protect you and your property during spring break season?

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