Warning! Women Hoarding Jewelry!

It’s true. Women are hoarding jewelry in “armoires.” You’ve seen them. They look like miniature chests of drawers – or, at the other end of the scale, like jewelry boxes on steroids. I’m guessing that “armoire” is a French word meaning “garage,” because that is what armoires are like. Think about it. Garages are essentially made to house and protect your car. But when the time comes for spring cleaning, there’s usually a lot more in the garage than the car, and you have no idea what half of it is.

An armoire functions the same way. You acquire it to store and protect your jewelry, but as time goes by, more and more stuff, usually more jewelry, accumulates until you’re no longer certain what is really in there. Now let me take the comparison one step further. When spring cleaning rolls around, that’s when you decide to tidy up the garage so that you can dispose of what you don’t want and put what you do want in order. Why not do the same thing with your armoire. It’s the perfect time to sort through your jewelry, rearrange, and take an inventory.

With smart phones and digital imaging, taking an inventory of your jewelry is a relatively easy task. You can create a file with photos, descriptions, and estimated values of each item. There are two things your file will do for you.

  • It will tell you what your total collection of jewelry is worth. You may find that your valuables are more valuable than you thought!
  •  It will be useful in the event that any or all of your jewelry is ever lost or stolen. You will be able to identify for the police and your insurance agent exactly what is missing, what it looks like, and what it is worth. That is, if you have personal property insurance.

The police may never recover your jewelry, but your personal property insurance policy can help pay for replacement pieces. What’s more, pieces that have a special meaning can be replicated by a professional jeweler from your inventory photos.

Jewelry is expensive. Personal property insurance is not. Yet, altogether too many people have never invested the few minutes and the few dollars that it takes to properly protect their valuables.

Do you have an idea of what your gold jewelry is worth today? Have you ever lost an irreplaceable heirloom piece? Offer tips for keeping track of the jewelry.

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