Are Young People Really Interested in Health Insurance?

Are you one of the younger Americans who might not consider that you need health insurance at all? One of the major revelations associated with the rollout of the Affordable Care Act has been that the number of people signing up under the new plan is heavily skewed in favor of those older than 45 years. In fact, according to figures released by the administration, 55% are between the ages 45 and 64. Only 26% are actually younger than 35.

Quite apart from the fact that if this trend continues it may cause a major imbalance in the federal budget, it is nevertheless important for young people to take out health insurance as early as possible. Even though they may feel that they are in the peak of health and may not be too worried about what should happen if they fall ill, it is still important to understand how personal budgeting could be affected in adverse circumstances.

The government administrators and representatives from the insurance industry have a goal of ensuring that as many as 40% of enrollees are younger than age 35. Other people within the government may not be worrying too much as they expect a spike in the number of young people signed up just before the deadline of March 31. It is, after all, after that point when the penalty system comes into play.

The state of California, as an example, is being more proactive however. They are engaging a YouTube campaign using recognizable athletes and celebrities in order to convince young people that health reform really is important to them, as well. The state is focusing also on young people returning to school at the end of the winter holidays, at a time when they are naturally making plans for the year ahead.

While the new health care laws can be complicated and overwhelming, you don’t need to go at it alone, Shepard Walton King is here to discuss your rights and responsibilities and answer any questions that will help you find the best plan to fit your needs.
Are you one of those younger Americans that the government is targeting? Do you intend to enroll and if so why are you leaving it until the last moment?

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