Your Post-Covid Home Celebration Calls for Additional Coverage!

Your Post-Covid Home Celebration Calls for Additional Coverage!

To say 2020 put an unprecedented amount of stress on us all would be a massive understatement. Fortunately, as we move into 2021 and measures against COVID-19 continue to develop, a return to normality seems to be just around the corner. 

With this new positive outlook, it’s likely we’ll see a wave of get-togethers in homes everywhere. If that’s the case for you and your family, we strongly suggest protecting yourself with additional coverage. After all, the last thing you’ll want is for an accident on your property to leave you in financial straits. 

A Positive Future Needs Protection

Your basic home insurance is there to protect you from damages caused by fires, floods, and other events. However, what kind of coverage can you count on to protect you when one of your guests slips and falls in your home? Or what if your dog decides to bite your friend? 

All these situations can potentially mean you’ll be held liable for medical costs, damages, and other financial burdens, but this is where liability insurance comes in. Depending on your policy, liability insurance can protect you in case of an accident involving a guest. 

Your Rental Property

If you recently purchased a rental property to take advantage of the post-COVID vacation period, then liability insurance is a must. Much like how it would protect your own home, liability insurance for your vacation property covers you in case of an accident. 

Insurance You Can Count On

At Shepard Walton King, we understand that you may have more than a few questions regarding your homeowners insurance, especially in such a confusing period. However, know that our insurance agents in McAllen are here to help. Contact us to get started!

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