Tips to prevent home break ins

4 Tips to Help Prevent Home Break-Ins During the Holidays

The holidays are here, and for many that means being on the road away from home. Sometimes, though, coordinating that big Christmas trip can take your mind off of work, but it shouldn’t distract you from the fact that you’re leaving your home unoccupied. Whether it’s to warmer climates or just visiting relatives, your home could be empty for an extended period of time depending on how long you’ll be away. That’s why it’s important to be prepared. Shepard Walton King offers the following tips to help fellow Texans prevent burglaries during the holiday season.

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Plan Ahead

A home can give away a few hints that it’s unoccupied, so it’s important to plan ahead to prevent this. Arrange for a friend or family member to pick up any mail or newspapers piling up. Provide a spare key to trustworthy friends or family and ask them periodically turn a few lights on and off throughout the day. Also, get to know your neighbors if you’ve recently moved into a new home. A tight-knit community can be helpful, especially if your block participates in a neighborhood watch program.

Be Vigilant

Take the time to make sure all locks are working correctly on doors and windows. This includes backdoors, garage doors and second-floor windows. Reinforcing sliding glass doors with a wooden or metal rod isn’t a bad idea either. If you want to add another lock to your door, consider a crossbar lock. Bolster your windows by adding films to prevent shattering. By holding all glass fragments in place if a window is broken and preventing people from peeking inside, you can deter intruders and ensure your privacy.

Go High-Tech

If possible, invest in security cameras to be placed outside your home around points of entry. Remember, not every camera is the same, so look into important features like fields of view, night vision, movement and cost. A camera with Wi-Fi capabilities can communicate with your home network, and if it’s wireless, can be less susceptible to being disabled. Getting a professionally installed security system is another option for many homeowners as long as they do their research since different systems offer different packages and levels of security.

Our Take

Shepard Walton King’s Chris Graham talked about what homeowners should do when leaving for an extended amount of time. “If you’re going away for a short amount of time, having someone collecting your mail and newspapers is a great idea. But, if you plan on leaving for a long period, ask neighbors to tidy your yard up a bit. An unkempt yard is a sign that the owners aren’t home. Also, having a timer for your outdoor lights is great idea as well.”

Get Peace of Mind

Whatever happens while you’re away, give yourself peace of mind by having your home covered today. Shepard Walton King specializes in extensive protection with homeowners insurance to keep you covered just in case the unfortunate happens while you’re away. Contact our insurance agency in McAllen to get started.

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  1. Very Informative Tips. Thanks for sharing. 🙂
    I think the doors and windows, especially are a frequent entry point for burglars, So use high quality latches and locks. Another great option is using Security alarms and spotlight.

  2. This is really informative! During holidays, we leave our home unoccupied, in the case of lack of security then it the open challenge for theft. So, we need to take positive steps and keep our home secure in our absence. There are several kinds of home security gadgets are available in the market and apart from these we should also follow some essential tips from this above article. Thanks for highlighting such important topics.

  3. Bethany Birchridge

    Thanks for mentioning that hiring a professional to install a security system can help prevent break ins. My friend recently moved to a new neighborhood, so she wants to make sure she doesn’t become a target. I’ll share these tips with her, so she can find ways to protect her home from a break in.

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