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5 Important Things to Keep in Mind When Preparing for Severe Weather

Although we’ve already entered summer, it’s important to know that we’ve also entered hurricane season. One of the best things you can do to protect your home and property is obtain the right level of insurance coverage. With insurance, you can avoid the hassles of dealing with repair costs or replacements on your own.

It also gives you peace of mind knowing that you can continue on with life following necessary repairs without draining your bank account due to costs. Nonetheless, there are a few important things you should keep in mind in order to lessen the heavy impact of storm damage.

Identify if Your Region is Flood-Prone

If you live in a low-lying area prone to flooding, obviously there’s very little you can do to prevent property damage. However, that’s where an insurance policy comes in. Flood insurance can offer the amount of coverage you need to handle repairs.

Keep a List of Evacuation Routes

If a storm is headed your way that’s sure to cause significant damage, then make the smart choice for yourself and your family by evacuating. Your city will highlight all routes out of the area, so be sure to keep a list of them to memorize.

Finding Shelter

Cities and towns almost always set up shelters for those seeking safety from a storm who’d rather not stay home. When shelter locations are announced in your area, and if you feel that you and your family will be safer in one, keep a list of them handy for when the time comes to leave.

Protecting Your Property

If you decide to wait out a storm at home, then it’s best to secure it for the heavy winds and rain to come. Board up all windows and ensure that you’ve collected sandbags. Many cities provide these when necessary. Also, be sure to secure outdoor belongings like tables and chairs to ensure that they don’t become harmful projectiles when winds pick up. If you have a garage, keep your vehicle inside since collapsed tree branches will be a possibility.

Keep an Emergency Kit Handy

A small case or packet with bandages, rubbing alcohol and other essentials is best to keep on hand just in case minor injuries occur. Make sure to also keep electronics like phones fully charged since losing power in a hurricane almost always occurs. The same goes for batteries for radios that’ll allow you to stay in-the-know of weather forecasts. For emergencies, always dial 911.

Get Your Search Started

If you’re in need of home, flood or car insurance, then we can help. During this time of year, insurance coverage is a must, especially if you reside in an area where severe weather can occur. Contact our insurance agents in McAllen today to get started!

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