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Hail in Texas: How These Severe Storms Can be Costly and Inconveniencing

In 2016, Texas had its highest recorded loss ever due to hail-related damage. In fact, costs surpassed $5 billion dollars. According to the Insurance Council of Texas, the costliest storm of 2016 occurred in Bexar County in April of that year. The devastation resulted in $1.4 billion in damages. At one point, there were 45 consecutive days of hailstorms occurring somewhere in the state. After the storms passed, over 500,000 claims were filed, nearly twice as many as the previous year.

If you’ve ever witnessed a hailstorm, then you’re well aware of how damaging they can be. Depending on its size, hail can cause serious damages to vehicles, homes and other types of private property. Although there’s nothing we can do to stop Mother Nature from causing damage, an insurance policy can help alleviate the headache of having to deal with the aftermath. In this piece, we’ll be going over a few facts of hailstorms in Texas and the importance of being covered by insurance.

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A Historic Storm

In early 2012, one of the costliest hailstorms in the history of the Rio Grande Valley occurred where damages exceeded $200 million. The brief but severe storm was responsible for damages to over 1,000 homes, 63 businesses and 26 city facilities. City workers required a week to clean up debris that had spread across McAllen. Unfortunately, in cases like these, hardworking families are forced to put up the cost for repairs themselves due to lacking an insurance policy.

Preparing for Hail

When an alert of an incoming hailstorm is made, it’s important to seek a sturdy shelter as soon as possible. Be sure to stay put and remain calm. Large pieces of hail can cause serious bodily harm, so don’t risk a trip to the hospital by leaving your shelter. Close all windows, blinds and curtains to try and prevent any debris or broken glass from scattering indoors.

When the storm passes, avoid going near any broken glass, downed branches or fallen power lines. Don’t overlook the fact that your home’s roof may also be damaged. Cover up any broken windows or holes in your roof to prevent water from spilling in. One thing we must point out is to not make any permanent repairs to your property if you own insurance coverage. If anything, only make temporary, minor repairs until an insurance adjuster takes notes of the damages. Be sure to also take photos for your records.

Advice from an Expert

Rafie Moreno, an agent from Shepard Walton King with over 40 years’ experience in the industry, recently spoke about the large number of hail damage claims in the state from 2016. “The claims were a record high last year, but most of those storms were in northern Texas. That doesn’t mean, however, that one won’t happen here. Look at what happened in 2012. When an alert goes out that a certain area is under a storm warning, insurance companies will put a moratorium on selling coverage to people living in that area until the warning has been lifted. That’s why it’s important to obtain coverage as soon as you can.”

Get Protected Today

It’s possible that another storm like the one we saw in 2012 will happen again. That’s why it’s extremely important to find insurance coverage if you haven’t already. There’s no better feeling than having peace of mind in knowing that your vehicle, home or other personal property is covered with an insurance policy. Avoid having to deal with mountains of repair bills and find insurance coverage with our help today!

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