Keep Your Home Safe with These 4 Easy Steps When Gone for a Weekend Getaway!

There’s nothing quite like a weekend out of town. It’s a mini-vacation that lets you relax and forget about your everyday responsibilities. But, as you count down the days to your next weekend getaway, you need to prepare your home before your departure! The last thing you’ll want is for your home to be broken into while you spend your time relaxing.

The great thing about home security is that there are homeowners insurance policies available to protect you. We can help you find a great insurance policy in McAllen, but even after that’s all said and done, there are some things you can do to ensure that your home is safe while you’re gone!

Illumination Goes a Long Way

As we move towards a more energy-efficient and environmentally mindful age, it’s important that we take every step necessary to avoid keeping electronics and appliances on while we’re away. Yet, there are some benefits to leaving some lights on. As you can imagine, there’s a chance any passerby (including those with ominous intentions) will assume you’re home if your porch light is on.

If you’re still worried about the electricity wasting during the day, you may want to look into smart lights or switches that can be controlled with your smartphone.

Make Your Absence Known (To Those You Trust)

As you prepare to leave for the weekend, ask yourself if there are any friends, family, or neighbors that you can trust with the responsibility of checking on your place. You can ask them to swing by to make sure everything looks to be in place, pick up your mail, or even check on deliveries you may be expecting.

Double Check Your Locks

Do you remember leaving your house and completely forgetting to turn off the bathroom light or close the garage door? It’s just as easy to forget to lock your doors! Avoid any future troubles by setting reminders on your phone to help you remember to lock up, close your gates, or take care of any other security measure.

Ease Up on the “Share” Button

We get it; you want to send a clear message to all of your Facebook and Instagram followers that you’re vacationing at the beach on the weekend. However, with each post you share, you’re letting potential thieves know that your home is ripe for the picking! At Shepard Walton King, we suggest that you keep your posts on social media to a minimum or wait until you’ve returned to share your adventure.

Here for All of Your Insurance Needs

Owning a home is a huge responsibility, but one that Shepard Walton King will gladly help with. A homeowners insurance policy in McAllen is an investment that could potentially keep you out of trouble when you need it most. Give yourself peace of mind by contacting our insurance agency in McAllen today for more information.

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